Saturday, March 9, 2019

Brain Tangles

Druid Animal Oracle ~ Blackbird

The Gateway, and the inner call. Hidden motivations, and potential. A veritable banquet of words, a day's worth of rumination. Hidden motivations. Scary to go there.

Looking further into the ogham Rowan:
Physical: distinguish good from bad, harm from help.
Mental: remain mindful, not swayed, tricked or beguiled.
Spiritual: use strengths to hold purpose and serenity.

Rather than on the face of stone, ogham was written around the edges. The edge being the backbone of each letter. The hidden in plain sight motivation of location. My brain tangles; do I have hidden motivations? The advice of the ogham will surely  root it out, pound it to a pulp, let it be slung away. 


  1. I wonder how many ever hear the inner call since they are on or looking at their phones constantly. No longer connected to the Universe, just the airwaves.

    1. while I waited interminably at the bank yesterday for three clerks, a supervisor, and then IT to unlock a tax form, a man came in who was in a state about connectivity. Said his dad carried a piece of chalk behind his ear, and if he wanted his sons attention he'd write on the back of a shovel. If that didn't work he'd apply the shovel to the backside... :)

  2. Brain tangles... now that's a phrase to ponder but not overthink. :D

  3. brains look like tangles to begin with, wonder if that is where the problem arises? Perhaps a redesign, a flat sheet brain wrapped around the upper arm? Or neck?


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