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Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Flat Wheels

Art Of Life Tarot ~ Chariot

In 1878 how daring was it to go up in this balloon? To get on a ship from Europe, go around the bottom of the world, and beach on an island in the Pacific? Yet at that moment in time it was both modern, done, and therefore the norm. Space flight is probably the only real adventure now that hasn't been done to death by everyone's neighbor and their dogs.

Yet none of the three even in 2019 are what I'd chose to do. Does my life Chariot have flat wheels? No wheels? Sitting here thinking, my Chariot is my mind and that travel only seems limited to what I'm willing to fuel it with. And there are a lot of places I just won't go. I don't want dirt in my brain, or more pain in my heart, or wants I can't fill. My balloon might lift a mouse. I'm dissatisfied with that but I recognize I have limits. And that is a good place for me to be. 


  1. You and Rob have a fifth wheel - who needs a rocket or an air balloon? :D

    1. ooOOoo, forgot about that chariot, I can hardly wait to unwinterize it!

  2. Well I think you found the secret of happiness. No chariot can take you there, only yourself.


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