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Friday, March 22, 2019


Ananda Tarot ~ 8 of Cups

Pouring out outmoded mindsets.
"It's a process." Billy Crystal, Analyze That

In 2010 a co-operative Frankendecken Tarot was assembled, 78 cards, each from a different deck. I've had the compiled CD since then. Haven't even looked at it.

Yesterday, with a new color ink cartridge I let the idea go that it was too expensive to print Franken. I had to exercise my brain to figure out how to do it, it's been Years since I've printed out something besides an invoice or confirmation or short PDF. I'm excited to trim my new deck today, I might take my scissors and corner trimmer and go down to the marina and sit in the sun, examine each card from four different perspectives...and think about what else I haven't done, that I could do. Pouring out, filling in. 

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  1. What lovely plans for a day. If I lived near by I would chuck work and come keep you company.


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