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Saturday, March 23, 2019

Necessity or Option?

Ananda Tarot ~ 10 of Wands/Flames

In Thothy-speak, oppression. This can be unjust treatment or control, or mental pressure or distress. For me this often relates to the weight of Stuff, and the impetus for years of downsizing what I worked so hard and spent so many dollars to gather. I've been at it for nineteen years, and like anything practiced, letting go of Stuff is a process at which I've become quite skilled.

My cousin has chosen to do something with her boxes of paper napkins, collected since she was ten years old. Accepting they have less than zero value to anyone else in the world, they are dear to her heart. Just deciding to do something about/with them is a step, when they have become oppression rather than pleasure, stuff rather than treasure trove.

I wish her well and honor her effort. 10 of Wands, telling us to move along, the load is not a necessity but an option. 


  1. I have found a resource for what to do with stuff at the local Habitat for Humanity ReStore.

  2. I'm volunteering with the local food bank and have learned that some of the clients have got dick-all in their homes; it's not just a shortage of food. One family of eight was eating meals prepared on a campstove since August. They need blankets, towels, furniture, everything. A person like me, living in comfort if not style or luxury, forgets just how little some people have. I'm glad to know a place that may take some of my extras in future and make good use of them.

    I have a box of stuff (not my old plastic food containers, don't worry!) to send you, but sitting in a closet and I keep forgetting to take it out, wrap it up, and take it to town!



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