Sunday, March 3, 2019

See A Space

Druid Animal Oracle ~ Hawk

I've found hawk feathers. Meaning? Lighter, moving on.
Eighteen bookshelves. Empty. One half shelf w/seven quilt books, seven childrens books, a stack of journals, twenty-two bookends, obsolete.

Mentally I've accepted the reality of my bent eyes, and have moved on, knowing it could be so much worse. But I've wept a lot of tears over the loss of my physical books. Me, who wouldn't be caught dead crying.

Dusting all that empty space yesterday, I had a idea. My down-to-the-end-of-the-fabric strings are sorted by color in clear shoeboxes. Wouldn't they be pretty on the bookshelves at the entrance of the quilt room?

See a space, fill it up. The found feather, the American Way.


  1. I was thinking of letting go this morning - the grief involved, the feeling of limbo and insecurity. But open space allows room for something else when we're ready. I think your boxes of fabric would look lovely on those shelves.😊

  2. I love hawks. I feel honored to see them and watch them.
    I too think a collection of your fabric boxes will look perfect on the open space of your shelves.

  3. Already a done deal. Not beautiful, but practical and look nice...I can live with that.

    1. That is two shelves...what will she think of tomorrow? :)


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