Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Sleeping On A Slope

Peanuts Tarot ~ Ace of Coins

What to do if you just have one?
Hard to explain seed money and interest to encourage a child to bank their allowance, it doesn't grow anymore. Seriously, how are children encouraged to save today?

What I've done when I've barely had a coin? Taken in ironing. Sold walnuts from our tree. Sold stuff of course. Scoured behind couch cushions, taking out the wash machine agitator usually garnered a buck or two. Bartered. Coat pockets. All this assumes I have a base to start from and am actively job hunting. I've seen times when 200 people would show up for a waitress opening.

The banks of the interstate running through Portland Oregon now has homeless camps all along it. I've never see this before. Have you ever tried to sleep on a slope? The logistics of this particular solution of where to stay flummox me. 


  1. I picked up and sold pecans for money when I was younger. Loving this deck.

  2. I pick up every penny I find. Yes sometimes I have to really scrub the dirt from the coins and my hands. When offered a coin, best take the gift and be thankful.


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