Thursday, March 7, 2019

This Votive Offering

Druid Animal Oracle ~ Owl

Those little keyfobs? Votive offerings. (from wiki: objects displayed or deposited, without the intention of recovery or use), often sacred in intent.

My first experience with this was in a Native Peoples cemetery on the Bella Coola Road, British Columbia as a little kid. Grave goods, pirate treasure to my child mind, but dad set me straight about their honor and sacredness, to leave them be. Made a deep impression and I seem to have always done it myself since, leaving special things behind at gravestones and in nature.

Not for me to be remembered but to hold in my own memory, this person was unique, this tree is a miracle. This spot, this token holds part of my Earth heart. 

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  1. Marks of respect and honor. I'd hang one on your blog if I could. :)


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