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Friday, March 1, 2019


Tarot Egyptien Oracle of the Dames ~ Prudence

There she and her viper are, facing forward, yet looking backwards in her mirror, still all ready to be vituperative. What has happened is done, no do overs, just consequences. Get off the cross, we need the wood, maybe he will do us all a favor and drop dead.

My winter out-of-the-loop vacation was good, got the hall and entry painted, bathroom (red!) is finished, new led lights, dug out old pictures and hung them (NW Indian art), kitted up a whole sunflower quilt for travel time, cleaned and touched up things that haven't had attention for years, proactive progress in getting ahead of my eyes. Written at least six letters. Read a dozen or more books, some thought provoking, some already forgotten...The 52-Hertz whale haunts my thoughts.

New favorite app? Veraxen JigSaw. Purchased so I can use my own photos, and favorites from the web so the difficulty can be minimal or to the point of self abusive

Could I live without the internet and it's unrelenting bad news and complete brain clutter? Absolutely. I'd miss bookbub. And email. And instant information when in info-junkie mode. Nothing else I can think of. Prudence, a good idea. 

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