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Monday, March 4, 2019

X Tinct

Druid Animal Oracle ~ Frog

Mamals. Inscets. Anfibians. Carreening toward extinction.
So much to worry about, at this date too late to reverse.
So I'll worry about the four words above with glaring red lines under them. Is spell check extincting my brain?

I doubt it, folk got along with an X for a signature, no sweat, didn't mean they weren't smart, just undereducated. And yes, that is my stab at those four words. Pitious.

My personal extinction goal today is the last box of Rob's diesel engine manuals. Waiting in the 2019 queue. Now the VW Bug sized pile surrounding it is gone, doesn't look like much of a job at all. Then a milkcrate of vintage crochet patterns garnered from a 1972 ad in the Valley Times Newspaper. Also extinct. Life. Treasure every day. 


  1. I commented with my phone on something Madame Squee posted on Tarot, Tea and Me. Spell correct changed her name to 'Squeeze.' Sounded like I was hitting on her, lol.
    The Earth will likely outlive humans; when it does, the land and animals will recover.

    1. that is the hope! The world has all the time in the world. And cares not a whit for spelling.


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