Thursday, April 18, 2019

Food For Thought

Santa Fe Tarot ~ Chariot

B'Ganaskiddy is a traveler with seeds. Bringing them to farmers, coming back at harvest for seeds to carry to the next planting season. So I did a little reading on that boogyman Monsanto and their lock on genetically modified seeds and the widespread myth that fresh crops can't be grown from harvested Monsanto seeds due to their patented Terminator gene.

NPR lowkey mythbuster short article here. GMO seed is an ecological hot button which skewes into genetically altered food animals, which is a short step to altering humans. I'm sure it is going on because if humans can, humans we've shown since time began.

But B'Ganaskiddy's drive is to see his people fed, by their own efforts. Social philanthropy with legs, not genetically altering gimmie programs, we've seen how successful those are...third and fourth generation. So tell me, has my food for thought genetically altered my own thinking making me the cynic I am? 


  1. To think about our altered reality makes the head and heart spin.

  2. There always seems to be a downside to what seems like a good idea. Wind turbines that create power make lots of noise and kill wildlife. I guess it takes long-range thinking and looking at the benefit of all to make good decisions.


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