Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Funny Old Life

Santa Fe Tarot ~ Queen of Cups/Water

Created from mirage stone and living crystal, mist and clouds, Water Woman's domain was collected waters and small ponds, or Water Child.

I'm still processing the loss of my mother, probably always will be because of the dichotomy of the mother I had growing up vs the the mother who had dementia. It is a funny old life. But I don't see anyone laughing. 


  1. I can't make heads or tails out of that Queen. Life is a bit funny.

  2. I identify with you when you say you are still processing the loss of your mother. My mother, with dementia, was so foreign to me but yet she looked the same as my loving mother that I'd known for so long. Such strange reality, and the most recent memories of her are the dementia ones. I constantly turn my mind toward my loving mother that I knew before the illness, and try to forget it. It's impossible to forget it, but at least I can decide to move my mind away from her dementia.

    1. At least we had a loving funny mother. The dementia time makes me ill in heart and mind, but we had the other. Some people must try to make sense of mothers fully cognisant of the horrible treatment they give day in day out.


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