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Saturday, April 27, 2019

Get Thee Gone

Enchanted Spell Oracle ~ Illumination

This card is represented by sage which grows freely all over the eastern side of my state. I first came familiar with its cleansing properties when I had a Cheyenne Medicine Woman come smudge our house not once but twice for good measure. It was built and owned by despicable people and I wanted all their chthonic remnants gone.

Time gives us a type of sageing cleansing also. The scars from and in this house run deep, and every time we tear out, paint over, replace something my spirit sighs and says more of them gone, thank you.

I'm an open window person anyway, but sometimes even in the depths of winter I throw open the doors and windows, let the fresh clean air in...we need it, bring it on. Get thee gone old sins and sorrows and angers. 


  1. A New Year tradition, passed on by my Father and I still do today or on the strike of Midnight on New Years Day, is open back and front doors, let the old year out and the new one in. As a child me and the sibs took time sweeping the air at both entrances. Sweeping out the old - Sweeping in the New.

    1. wonderful ritual! I can't remember when I was last awake at new years turn...

  2. One of the pleasures of having new windows is that they come with screens, which means we can let breezes in without the mosquitoes coming with them. :)
    Currently in the process of cleaning out our attic with 40 years of clutter saved in it. They will be putting in ductwork there instead of in the crawl space in case we take on water again. I ache from carrying stuff down the ladder a little at a time, but I feel lighter too.


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