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Saturday, April 20, 2019

Hooks In My Heart?

Santa Fe Tarot ~ Devil

The Sand Dune Monster. Attempts to lead the people from the path of beauty and harmony then gloats at the resulting ashes of moral disconnect.

My Pineapple Blossom quilt, 96" X 110" made special for the bed in our 5th wheel travel trailer was stolen while in Portland Oregon.

Did the Devil make them do it? I pronounce fair trade if the hair on their butt turns to fish hooks. Or is that the Sand Dune Monster getting it's hooks in my heart?
Edited to add: Publicity  has turned up the quilt! It should be home safe shortly! Hooray! 


  1. Well that just sucks. On the flip side, someone must have thought you were an awesome quilter.

    1. Or canny...they left an even better one, perhaps, rightly so, figuring it would take longer for me to notice?

  2. Stunning quilt, so pleased that it has been found.

  3. I'm so glad they found your quilt, it's a beauty❤

  4. I had it all cut out for a Bonnie Hunter class in Southern Oregon. Then the class was canceled because of heavy forest fire smoke. I couldn't get to the make up class in December (2017) so while they were making their quilts I had a little home mini-retreat and stitched like a crazy woman ;) It was fun.
    I forget brown is a color until I see it like this, so rich in the multiple shades. And I'm so glad it was found.

  5. Lovely quilt Sharyn, the colors chosen are perfect. Is it a Bonnie Hunter pattern or your own design? And is it safely back home yet?


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