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Monday, April 29, 2019

Magic Pill

Elements of Recovery Deck ~ Contentment

Crave, get, forget. Modern nature, we are inundated with media ideas and images that stress perfection, action, and it can have a dampening effect on real life.

A ride to the coast hardly measures against a tour of Europe. A toasted cheese sandwich seems dull against the miles of beautifully photographed meals in a recipe search. Even a pair of jeans that fit pale against a side bar filled with models who have jeans that fit and long legs.

The magic pill is stop comparing. That is diametrically opposed to stop working on a better life, but stop comparing our life to anyone else's. Get rid of the slick magazines, stop watching the life makeovers. Stop the email reminders, the wall of people and places that would never measure up in real life...concentrate on small changes that would make our own life shine. Polish the parts that already do. That life is really short and yearning for the pointlessly unattainable will only make it shorter. Content isn't a dirty word. 


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