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Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Minty Mint Tea

Enchanted Spell Oracle ~ Good Fortune

Associated with mint, bringing renewed energy with cooling and healing properties.
Never been a minty person until this month. In the something new category I'm beset by gallbladder attacks. If desperate even a gob of mint gum helps, and a cup of hot mint tea really helps. Just saying, not doctoring...

Good fortune: Never had a flat tire! Picked from the garden of love by the right person. An inquiring brain. Lots of interesting jobs. Met a lot of great people. Good overall health. Wonderful parents and extended family. Never hungry or homeless. Able to give homes and receive unconditional love from so many animal friends. Electricity! Clear clean running water! Fresh air! So many years of so much good fortune, luckiest girl in the world. 


  1. And these are a few of favorite things.
    I had issues with my gallbladder years ago. I seem to remember my remedy was organic apple cider-juice. Really tart and kind of yucky with the pulp and also warm water with freshly squeezed lemon juice.

  2. yucky with the pulp. I'm bound to try this one! :)

  3. My mom had gallbladder issues and changed her diet (some foods seemed to cause attacks). Even better that you found an herb to help!

    1. according to Dr. Google my diet is in line with healthy treatment of gallbladder. Lots of veg and fruit, low fat. A friend who had hers out many years ago was told it was the disease of fat/forty/fertile ;) Miss that by a mile

    2. From a holistic view point, some say gallbladder attacks are from anger. Green bile, bile-anger. So maybe laughter is best medicine for all.

  4. Anger drives a lot of health issues but if this were true for me I'd have had gallstones the size of Russia during 2010, the year of rage.


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