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Sunday, April 7, 2019

Navel Awhile, Do Awhile

Crystal Tarot ~ Star

Yes, it's true. Star is a navel gazer.
Without introspection we are just cartoon characters. One dimensional, poorly drawn stick figures. One note hummers.

Today's Star is a celebration of how far we've come, and joy there are paths still to travel; we are never 'over' until we've drawn our last breath; I'm working a Wyoming dinosaur dig this fall. Where is your path taking you, you never thought you'd go?


  1. A dinosaur dig?! I'm impressed!
    I love the art and colors in this deck.

  2. One of the two I've rebought. Before I was aware of it's thothyness it just confused me. Can you imagine, me confused? The other was the Thoth. Same story...

  3. I am still searching for the Yellow Bricked Road.

  4. Now 60, I've given some thought to what the rest of my life may look like, and what I'd like it to look like, and I wonder if wanting it to continue just as it is is normal. What I have now is what I wanted for many years; now that I have had it for a decade or more, do I really need to crave more and different? That's what the world seems to suggest is necessary so that one doesn't stagnate. On the other hand, I think about the next (and possibly my last) 20 years will look like and think maybe, just maybe, I could be having a bit more fun as opposed to plain old contentment. I'm pleased to see you're going on a dinosaur dig. I have no idea what I could do that would be exciting or even interesting to me. Grandchildren? A sweet new addition to my life, but I don't love babysitting or playing with children for long and my life will never revolve around my offspring or theirs, as seems so enriching for some. Part of me feels like I "should" find a new passion somehow, but ... we'll see. -Kate


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