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Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Page, Grown Up

Crystal Tarot ~ Page of Swords

When a page grows up what and who are they? Sycamore Tree had a floating page yesterday, something I've been pondering since. Pages are afoot. Said she who doesn't believe in rules. So this morning a Page search on my blog had me looking at a rogues gallery...all on foot. And wondering why. If the Fool was not afoot would he not still be a fool?

And here comes a Page draw for me. I'd put my faith in this standing guardian, look at that stance, that sword, that training field. This one is going straight past Knight to...what? There are acres of pages, a very small field for knights, moot opportunities for king. So what does a grownup page do?

I blurted out yesterday I'd like to grow up to be Mrs. Marlowe from Brokenwood. This morning I'm wondering if I've been her all along. Frightening thought. Way too early for honesty. 

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