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Monday, April 1, 2019

The Gateway

Songs for the Journey Home ~ Page of Swords/Flame Innocence

There is a point as a child when we awaken to the reality there is 'a big world out there', something that isn't the small environment where we begin. We reach that point again as adults, sometime in our forties usually.

I barely remember our thirties. We had the pedal to the metal, upwardly mobile, both tearing up the path set out for us by society and custom. Extended family became a less likely vacation destination, everyone else was busy too.

The best part? It was less expensive to travel overseas than cross country, so we did. That was a gift that has never stopped giving. Innocence, a wonderful place to start, not a place to stay.


  1. The other great thing about traveling is having a home to come home to.

  2. Our innocence is tamped down with too many no's and don'ts.


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