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Thursday, April 11, 2019

Unanswered Oddities

Crystal Tarot ~ Hermit/Prudence

View from my desk. Stunning Trevisan artwork...published by Lo Scarabeo, first as a majors only deck in 2000, standard titles. Full deck published in 2004, standard titles.

Why are all the majors renamed in the accompanying booklet? Is that what the artist wanted them titled? Why weren't they titled so on the cards? The Fool is Will, the Magician Science. This is considered a Thoth based deck, but the booklet titles don't follow that path. Nor does it follow in the suits. Why the disconnect Lo Scarabeo?

I read the backs of cereal boxes, shampoo bottles, even gasp, instructions. And little white books. This one is just weird, probably why the Hermit is wandering off into the dusk; sometimes the world makes the brain want to explode with unanswered oddities. 


  1. I too read all those labels and instructions and find the print getting smaller and more challenging to read. Read the fine print indeed!

  2. I think the suits and elements don't follow the norm either (swords are water, I believe).

  3. but it is such a beautiful deck, sigh ;) I've never understood LoS thinking anyway. I don't wish them ill, but I think they are a prime reason self-publishing has gotten such a foothold.

    Carolyn, you should see me trying to read this LWB. They are very close to being beyond me without my si-fi like reading apparatus! I get my head and my LWB up under the lampshade...too lazy to get the apparatus

    1. I asked for a magnifier for Christmas, nobody believed that is really what I wanted.


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