Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Variegated Agave

Enchanted Spell Oracle ~ Innocence

In many ways I'm still an innocent. I've made sure of it, avoiding deliberately some situations and knowledges. But not innocent of death. It's real, it takes those we love and replaces it with nothing but a big black hole in our heart.

Today we'll be going to the family plot to clean and polish the stones, weed around the bases, and replace the flowers. Leave remembrances. This spring I have a christmas ornament shaped like a travel trailer for my folks, they loved snowbirding in the desert. Their flowers contain Variegated Agave this year, I think they'll get a kick out o that.

No, no way to remain innocent of death. 


  1. I think acknowledging death makes us live life in a fuller way. Denying just keeps that fear stoppered within.


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