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Friday, May 3, 2019

Back From The Brink

Elements of Recovery Deck ~ Mindfulness

Checking in on ourselves. Sounds simple, easy to gloss over. Easy to say it isn't important, I can wait, I'll take care of me tomorrow, it isn't bothering me, I'm not tired, I'm not hungry, I'm not burnt out, I'm not mad, it can't be despair. 

Living in the world we can be all these things and more, nearly oblivious of standard states of being we move in and out of.

My turning off the news, clear off, none allowed, was a check in. I realized I was moving back to the place I said I'd never go again, allowing someone else the power to get in my mind and live there, fomenting hate. I can hardly believe it took me so long to recognize where I was.

I don't miss the world, the world doesn't miss me, and that healthy attitude pulled me back from the brink, no small thing. 


  1. I have found this last week or so, since turning of the news has helped. I do turn on the t.v. out of habit and they start talking all the trash and nope, off the boob tube goes.
    We are on the same page my friend.

    1. we don't have TV but I was burning up time better spent checking and rechecking news apps obsessively, begging to be astounded and enraged. I like silence (or a ticking clock) but when I want to listen to something I love my audio books, and if our reception is working some you tube channels. Or I have a little ipad sized dvd player and we have a nice library of mysteries and stuff.

    2. When I was much younger and on the go a lot, I did not have a t.v. and got along just fine. I don't think I could get rid of it, but I can keep turned off more often than not


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