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Tuesday, May 7, 2019


Food Fortunes Tarot ~ 5 of Swords/Classic

Often seen as contempt. I've just finished Rodney Dangerfield's It's Not Easy Being Me life story (and it wasn't, he did have a unmentored life) but the story that sticks in my mind is the friend who thought it was hilarious to go to a dance with a coke bottle taped to his groin/leg.

Not sure where contempt falls in this but does express how little I understand men. More a contempt for how excessive drink and drugs makes a dunce of anyone. I've been drunk on my butt any number of times in my youth, and didn't I always think I was the funniest person in the room? Would I have laughed about the bottle? Probably.

A more interesting bit about the Classic can be found here.


  1. What an interesting looking oracle! The coke-bottle-taped-to-leg went right over my head. Maybe you have to be drunk to understand some humor. :D

    1. so it was hard when he bumped against the women he danced with.
      this is one weird deck, but that's the fun. I actually pulled the Hermit first, which was two sandwiches standing between the High Priestess pillars. Eh? Glad your 'net is back

    2. Me too - I've missed my connection with my tribe! :)

  2. Coke bottle indeed. I mentioned to someone recently that one of the funnies things to see is a naked man. Most think they are really something, strip them down to the skivvies, laughable. We are what we are.


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