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Monday, May 13, 2019


Tarot of Little Secrets ~ Queen of Cups

Confidence. That hair (seamoss?) swinging out like a model' much confidence do you think it takes a creature who lives underwater to sit and pose like this?

As a child, when completely out of my element I'd clam up, hunker down, become invisible. As an adult with new jobs new interests I learned it was to my advantage to be in front, ask questions, get my money's worth. But confident?

That is a tough one, and why she is Queen and gets the big bucks. More power to her. 


  1. Is that a Buddha head on her knee?
    Some of the most confident-looking people I know have confided that inside there is still fear.

  2. I think it is this card's little secret, some kind of beaked bird.
    I've heard many wildly successful actors/comedians say they are shy and unsure.

  3. Social Introverts. One of my clients identified me as one. And yep, it fits.


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