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Wednesday, May 29, 2019


Druidcraft Tarot ~ Page Princess of Cups

Having been one I can legally say "teenage girls, let's all roll our eyes together"...but on the enchanted side it is where much of who I am was seeded.

Because like autumn and dusk, as here, it is also a time of deeper reflection, of learning discernment. Of noticing the world equivalent of faces in the trees and real snakes in the grass.

I notice the intentional strand of knots and wonder what a 2nd century BC teenager has in common with one of the 21st century; this one might have been mated and had two children of her own by now. Or destined to be a priestess, a leader. Who knows, but I love this card of thoughtfulness.

Druidcraft Tarot 2004 Carr-Gomm/Worthington, St. Martin's Press


  1. Do teenagers of today reflect on anything other than themselves? Surely there must be a few...

  2. I too am entranced by the image. She may have seen or lived a lot in her young life, but she keeps some of her innocence regardless. I wish everyone could.


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