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Thursday, May 16, 2019


Tarot of Little Secrets ~ 4 of Coins

If you have it others want it. If they have it, a hankering sets in.
I can understand why the idea of communes and communism catch on, it seems like life would be so much simpler if everyone was equal.

Which never happens. There has to be someone to stir the commune, organize the crops, pay the taxman, which seems to lead to helping themselves to children. In communism the old men just pick up the takings and get even richer and more powerful.

So here he sits. Save it and be damned by his neighbors. Spend it and be damned by his neighbors. I vote save it and let the neighbors eat cake. Spending it foolishly just puts it in the rich man's pockets. My personal bee in the bonnet. 


  1. Some days yes and other days it burns a hole in my pocket. Mostly those days have passed, money can't buy happiness, chocolate yes, which as it turns out makes me happy.


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