Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Hearth And Home

Hoi Polloi Tarot ~ 4 of Wands

Hearth and home. Often unappreciated and underrated if we think of it at all. Hell if we have to be there and it isn't a place of safety and shelter but rather danger and harm. Missed like a limb or child if torn from us.

Our home probably looks better today than at any time in the nearly 50 years since it was built. Maintenance has finally caught up with all it's needs, we finally have the time for the pretty part of keeping up the property. I called a drone photographer yesterday to see if a from-the-sky photo could be arranged. Something to look back on and admire when the day comes hearth and home ownership is no longer in the cards.

Published as The Tarot, 1972, Hoi Polloi Inc. NYC


  1. Hopefully you will spend many many more years in your garden of eden. But a pretty picture is always nice and drone pictures really gives a bigger perspective.

  2. Still working on ours. A drone photo is such a cool idea!

  3. cool if they return my call. The window of opportunity with spring color is pretty narrow.

    1. Since views are above sometimes they catch other things in distance. If a straight shot down, pretty neat to frame and hang.

    2. My father in law had one of their farm from about 40 years ago, there was a guy with a small plane that would take them on spec, then drive around to the neighbors and offer them for sale. Hadn't thought about it in years until we were house shopping this winter and many realtors use overheads here when there is any kind of big lot or property involved, very neat, and reasonably reasonable if you have a droner on call.


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