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Wednesday, May 1, 2019

How Many Ways?

Elements of Recovery Deck ~ Honesty

A fine line sometimes. I had to darken this image so it would show up. Fine lines, light colors, the snowshoe on quick observation could have been just a eye cave in a hill.

It is dishonest to take King's art and manipulate it to the benefit of the blog image? I would say yes. Am I prevaricating when I say 'but using her images with a clickable link on the side bar is  actually helping promote her deck? Yes. Am I clouding the issue by garrulousness? Indubitability.   

And I haven't even finished my coffee yet. How many ways will I be dishonest today? Your guess is as good as mine.                


  1. Sometimes we get lost in the background noise.

  2. One of my current teachers explained that the root of the word 'analysis' means 'to loosen.' I think sometimes we do the opposite and tighten and constrict. :) Give yourself a break, my friend.
    Being dishonest for me is hiding the truth intentionally so that I am the one that benefits.

  3. Anal is right there front and center in analysis


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