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Monday, May 6, 2019

Justice and the Peanut Gallery

Food Fortunes Tarot ~ Justice/Holey One

My dad died of heart disease at 69. After his first massive heart attack at 60 he had a triple bypass and thereafter began the dietary lessons. Dad was always fit, healthy, and active, but learning that beef and butter and eggs create cholesterol he often moaned at the injustice that he'd killed his whole family because we lived on a farm and beef butter eggs were staples.

He drove a concrete mixer truck and my eye cuts to the card thinking it was the stops at Bill's X-L for a dozen donuts when his route had him passing that might have been the bigger problem.

Is Justice paying for our actions? When we know what we are doing and doing it anyway (smoke/drink/drugs/food/couch potato) no doubt. But 'not fair' shouts ring from the peanut gallery of life. (28 peanuts is a serving...hardly seems worth the effort)

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  1. Put out a sign, pill to give you 7 extra years of life, the queue would be around the block. The alternative, with the same result, eat the recommended number of serves of fruit and especially vegetables, falls on deaf ears.


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