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Friday, May 31, 2019

Mores and Restrictions

Kurmay Tarot ~ 6 of Swords

Always a card that makes me stop and ponder. What am I moving away from, what toward?

I feel in flux as far as interests.
I'm still newsless, 3.5 months now. I'd like to see what the rising tide of presidential candidates have to offer, I have zero tolerance for the rest of the carpola. So not going there.
I'm considering taking up the craft of tea leaf reading, which lead to a search for full leaf tea, can't source it locally anymore. Ordered a four types from Whispering Pines, easy to navigate website, and I like the owner's backstory.
The most productive thing I've done in the quilt room is catch up on ironing clothes.

Seems to point to treading water, going nowhere. I can live with that for awhile. And to ponder what brought a citizen of Turkey to make a tarot deck, and get it published. Quite a movement away from traditional Turkish mores and restrictions.

Kurmay Tarot art by Akin, circa 2006, Ankara Turkey

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