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Thursday, May 9, 2019

Natural It Isn't

Food Fortunes Tarot ~ Ace of Swords/Sides

Swords are knowledge
Sides are expensive
Much olive oil is adulterated or not even from olives
Fish is commonly misidentified
Honey often isn't
Juice 'em
Ground coffee fluffed up with sticks corn barley
Tea bags? can include colored sawdust
Power bars and cereal with blueberries? Generally fake
Parmesan cheese, wood pulp

Rule of thumb? If it's cheaper on the shelf there is usually a reason.
Rich old men making more money.


  1. I bought some generic Nutragrain bars a couple of weeks ago. Might as well have put a slug between two pieces of cardboard. Ick.

  2. amazing what we'll put in our mouth if it has enough sugar or salt or fat in it :)

  3. Well that is just yucky. One of the agents in the office said his whole family got sick a week ago after dining out. They thought it was the salsa brought to the table with chips. Evidently this restaurant had been cited for pouring left over table salsa back into the big serving vat in back. YUCK, think about all the double dipping.

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