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Tuesday, May 14, 2019


Tarot of Little Secrets ~ 5 of Coins

Mutual support. One thing most everyone looks for regardless of our current station in life. Snowbirds flee to Mexico then huddle with other US snowbirds. Chess clubs. I'm meeting  a stranger for coffee this morning, why her? She is a quilter. If she were a rodeo rider, home schooler, militant anything? Probably not. Probably must surely not.

If I met those people by chance on a bus? I'd probably find them fascinating and enjoyable. But never follow up for coffee. Humans...gotta have their particular support group. 


  1. I need to know whose face that is on the man's cloak. This deck brings out my curious nature. :D
    I think it is natural to gravitate to those whose interests mirror ours. For one thing, it is simply enjoyable. But can also learn and feel a sense of belonging too.

  2. absolutely human nature, and for mellinina a must for survival.
    Before I begged you, I asked Laura if she had a titled image I could use on the sidebar and she mentioned she only has four of the upscaled kickstarter decks left, and was going to do a second printing. I sure like the no borders and it is very shuffleable.

  3. Life is sometimes a challenge, we look for comfort where we can find it.


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