Sunday, May 5, 2019

Worth What You Paid For It

Food Fortunes Tarot ~ Magician/The Slice

This is a crazy deck, prepare for odd posts..
I had my first slice at sixteen. Gino's, Aberdeen. Love at first bite.
In all these many years I never ordered or made anything but pepperoni. Yes, I knew all the other kinds were wonderful, but could never see a reason to mess with perfect pizza magic.

Until last fall in Montana. In two and a half months gone we had four restaurant meals. Pizza Hut being one, a snowy evening when easy seemed a good idea. I lost my mind and had pepperoni and pineapple on my side. Delish! And now that is the way we make my half at home because it was a good memory. We make our own, once a month. Always delish.

That's my pizza life story, worth what you paid for it. 


  1. My niece when she lived with me, ordered Pepperoni Pizza with pineapple. What? Now that is the way I order my pizza as well. Delish

    1. the pineapple at the montana place was small thin and dryish (good) We have fresh pineapple quite often so that usually coincides with have pizza day. I squish it between paper towels. Could probably slice it thinner too but I'm a lazy bum


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