Friday, June 21, 2019

Frabjous Kills

Children of Litha Tarot ~ 10 of Wands

A successful hunt becomes a challenge to keep. And in the case of food and hard times, of  course someone else will want it.

I'm struck by this card though, how hard we work for the things that aren't needs, and face it, no one wants stuff once it's used, Ever had a garage sale? Those expensive shoes that have only been worn three times? The games movies books? Why do we devote so much of our life essense to dragging it home? We are probably paying for twice the square footage we need just to store it all.

What if we could cut our housing cost in half just by recognizing and acting on we only need half of what we have. Wouldn't that be frabjous? Our hunt and kill time would be cut in half. What would you do with twice the time to play? For me, looking at acquisitions as kills is the is the best way to keep the "ooOOoo shiny!" monkey off my back. 


  1. We can have such knee-jerk reactions to those things. I'm slowly learning to buy things that have a purpose beyond thinking they will make me happy.

  2. 1 in 10 Americans rent storage buildings to store their stuff. Some of it never seen again as it gets pushed farther back when new stuff is brought in for storage.


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