Monday, June 10, 2019

Couldn't Pay Me Enough

Animals Divine Tarot ~ Empress

Is it patronizing to feel pity for Hera, the queen of the gods? Considered the Goddess of Marriage & Birth, her brother/husband Zeus was consumed with bedding and fathering. Anyone, anything.

We can't know what draws people together, from what each draws their satisfaction in a union. Someone you or I might not touch with a ten foot pole is catnip to someone else.

Gods. People. Go figure, couldn't pay me enough to be the Empress. 


  1. I could never understand why she punished his consorts rather than the god himself. It's not so much the creating that would be a bother, but caring for everything you created. I guess gods can just kind of overlook that part. :D

  2. When the World began its turn from a Matriarchal society to Patriarchal, Athena was worn down and turned the reigns of power to her brother and said "do as you will, I am tired" and so Zeus did and Athena endured. Be careful what we wish for...


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