Sunday, June 16, 2019

Creeps Seeps Wicks

Children of Litha Tarot ~ Star

Transformation after destruction. Wind seemingly out of nowhere, then gone again leaving missing houses, flat forests and crushed people not where they were.

Fires can burn for weeks here leaving thousands of acres grey with black stubs and stumps, squares where homes stood, guarded by hulks of unpaid for autos.

But water. It creeps and seeps and wicks. Across miles of flatlands obliterating crops, into neighborhoods and towns inching up steps, across doorways. leaving a blanket of mucky silt and riverbed life.

And then the Star and transition...finding the mind heart energy balance to begin again. Humans. Sometimes I have to admire us, we seldom give up, walk away, once we are invested in something.  

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  1. There are shirts and bumper stickers here that say "Albany Strong," a testament either to our tenacity or stubbornness. :D


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