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Sunday, June 2, 2019


LXXXI Quareia Deck ~ Disease

Little long term consequence or total reassessment required? Congenital or caught? Uninvited or deserved? Unless afflicted with hypochondria we don't give much thought to disease, mental, physical, or emotional unless it touches us. And there are some that think it doesn't exist.

I gave myself breast cancer, cosseted it's birth and growth with rage. I didn't deserve lung cancer. Have I said it was very rare, generally found only in SE Asia?
Five years of black suicidal depression, did I keep it close, pet it? Did I fight it, like trying to put a sock on an octopus? I don't know, I had a disease, leave me alone.
When I'm not being put out, I find my eyes interesting.

Compassion. I hope I am never dismissive or repelled by someone else's burden. That would be a disease in itself. 


  1. "Self-blame is an internalized second aggressor that can victimize us long after the external (and internal) damage is done. Self-compassion is like applying first aid to a wound and is the necessary first step to any process of healing."
    Dr. Miles Neale

    1. beating myself up s a disease of some sort...apparently like all relationships, I must get something out of it. Ego?

    2. I think we learn it. You are deserving of self-compassion (and it can be learned too!)

  2. Your post reaches me on several levels.


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