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Friday, June 7, 2019

Fairweather Bites

LXXXI Quareia Deck ~ Man of Nature

"Nature is a harsh balancing act that does not care what is in your heart". Quareia

Johnny Weissmuller? Radagast? Secretary of the Interior David Bernhardt? Big game hunter? Farmer?  My little brother is probably the closest to a man of nature I'll ever know, he has a roof, but no power or water in the middle of a forest. The life he has come to, not one he meant to have. Endless beauty that has not brought him peace.

Which is what people think they will find in nature. We bring the world with us, mostly posing in, next altering and shoving and bending real nature, taking fairweather bites without ever coming close to the truth.  


  1. Reminds me of a Tom Logan quote I read in C.J. Boxx's Jim Pickett series:
    "The closer you get to Canada, the more things'll eat your horse."

  2. Years ago I thought about trying to outrun my troubles, and was reminded, wherever we go there we are.


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