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Thursday, June 20, 2019


Children of Litha Tarot ~ Moon

Something so magnificent (perhaps a Lindwyrm?) shouldn't be held to mother's manners rules should it? How many dragons do we know we could ask? Not the one St. George so dispictibly slew...900 years after his death mind you. Not Smaug, who only did what dragons do, now dead in a fiery watery crash. Nessie, perhaps a Lung Dragon? He ain't sayin'.

I can see my nighttime willywobbles from the rearview mirror as fearwisps ignored, or face on as a learning opportunity. A thousand years on this rock with this dragon, might just begin to teach me what the world has lost in it's ignorance. 


  1. I wonder if they will ever come back, or show themselves to us again.

  2. Future generations will probably think we were all nincompoops.


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