Thursday, June 27, 2019

The Path Of Non

Spirit Keeper's Tarot Vitruvian Edition~ Fool/Initiate

Spirit Keeper's has two Fool cards, Initiate and Seeker. Here we have the Initiate, not keyed to a chosen path.

My path has been so random, I'm not sure I ever had a plan in my life. On review it seems strange and dangerous. What was I thinking? Ha ha, I wasn't. Yet even today, the idea of committing to a path fills me with revulsion. I may not know who I am, who I could have been, but I'll also never be trapped, stuck, pinned. The willingness to just say no, that ruthlessness that allows me to walk away from what others hold as their rock, their safety net, gives me a sense of freedom all the perceived stability of culture couldn't match. The path of non works for me.


  1. That little fox on the card looks pretty content too. :)

  2. This is a description of my life. LOL Love the kundalini winding her way around the rock going elsewhere but able to conform around the rock/egg (what is that?) while she's there. Versatility but still movement forward.


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