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Wednesday, July 3, 2019

It Won't Go

Green Wheel Oracle ~ Water Moon

In the 80's I tried hypnosis twice, this watery moon brings that to mind. It is about letting go, releasing, even giving up. If I were willing to afford it, I'd try it again, both experiences were successful...for a few days, Obviously more work was needed.

I wrote a text to my little brother this week, about as long as my posts here, and it won't go. Simply won't go out. Because his life has been such a turmoil and he has so many problems, I've never told him about mine. He has never asked actually. So in very short speak I wrote the truth. And it won't go. Do I think this is a sign he can't handle it? I don't know. I released it, it won't go. Ok, good enough for me, I'll go forward as I always have, listening, not speaking. 


  1. Those who need to be in recovery are very self-absorbed people. It's like their brains only work when there's an issue is about them. It's not that they don't care; they can't when their lives are under the control of a substance. It is hard to be on the other end of that kind of self-centeredness though. (((S)))

    1. I know. He's been fairly clean for at least 10 years now but that self absorbed is part of who he is, or has become. It's ok. I was just blue and wanted someone who should love me to care.

    2. You are loved and cared about by someone in Georgia!


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