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Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Make A Memory

Illuminated Earth Oracle ~ Memory

Haunted? Bent? Lifeline? Having walked with Rob's dad and my mother down the path of dementia leading to their deaths; losing their skill sets, personalities, piculariarities, and in the end their memory of self, I can attest, memory is who we are.

The deck creator warns against living in the past, good advice but I wonder if she has ever observed living without a past? I wonder what memory I'll carry away with me today? I can hardly wait to make some. 


  1. From what I can tell you are doing a great job at creating new memories. Out on the trails, exploring, traveling. Goodie for you and Rob. Hope the smoke and fire hasn't chased you from the camping spot of yesterday, that is a lovely place to build a new memory.

  2. I can see a memory here! Budgie alert!Budgie alert!

    1. laughs till the tears run down..I can hear us shouting that!


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