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Friday, July 12, 2019

Missing The Point?

Game of Thrones ~ 6 of Swords

Is this one of the things we do because it has always been done that way? Have our back to the destination we are headed for? Does it mean in honesty we don't have a clue? How bizarre is that? Rowboats surely weren't designed for taking a girl for a little romantic ride. Probably in order: fishing, exploration, trade, transportation to beating up the neighboring tribes. Is it simple engineering combined with human physique?

Maybe facing forward is why kayaks are lined up by the dozens in front of every sporting goods store now. If you are on the water for fun why not see where you are going?  Is the 6 of Swords about the rowor or the rowee? Doing it or having it done?

I feel my temper rising just thinking about someone else being in charge of my boat, but I think I'm missing the entire point here. 

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