Saturday, July 13, 2019

Picture Small Child, Throwing Fit

Game of Thrones ~ 7 of Coins

Growth and expansion through effort.
The good  news, I grew and expanded my deck collection by one this morning, had an ebay offer accepted for a 1950-60's era deck I've been thinking about for a couple of years, very cool!

The bad news? I was introduced to a deck this week that might become my holy grail, the "Broken Mirror Tarot", first edition. A faint possibility if I had a chinese linguist to run interference for me, who was willing to root and dig and watch... sometimes a dream is a dream and I'll just work at not becoming an old twisted embittered crone, dreaming of what she wants and not enjoying the fruit of what she has. I want it! Really want it! Wails and gnashes teeth...


  1. It is lovely, but I wonder if some of what drives us to feverishly long for something is that it's out of reach. I bet if you got it you would love it for a month and then simply like it.

  2. Probably. It isn't the one with arches Gregory used in my reading, the first edition is much different. I'm giving it my three week rule ;)


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