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Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Red Herrings Blue Herrings

Game of Thrones Tarot ~ 7 of Cups

Mystery. Love a good mystery. Nancy Drew. Cherry Ames. Trixie Belden. Wonder if I read one today I'd still see them as strong female leads. I wonder if I'd had access to the entire Cherry Ames series, I'd have been influenced enough to go into nursing. The older I get the bigger the regret there.

We watched a two part Death In Paradise episode last night, yes, there were lots of ends to tie up or start, lead characters to set up and weed out. But. The main clue was a tulip cuff link. On and on about the tulip cuff link. Discovered the source, told the perps to bring them in, never heard about it again. The clue. Would have solved the mystery right there. Jerked around the audience.

How many clues I've missed in my life? Ignored. Glossed over. Recognized and changed the course? Lots of all I'm sure. 


  1. Don't second the right and left turns in life. I know when you do you can get really lost in the "what ifs"

  2. It's so easy to get narrowly focused on one thing and miss what's right at my feet.

    1. I have thermal toenail polish this week..can't stop looking at my feet.

  3. Cherry Ames, Sue Barton ( an English version), still have them. Became a nurse. Would i have done so without them, absolutely without a doubt.


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