Friday, July 26, 2019

Stockholm Syndrome

University Books RWS Tarot ~ Hermit

"Treason, roguery, corruption" A.E. Waite
Someone who hasn't read Waite's book probably doesn't know these were three of his Hermit concepts, and not in the reversed position. Someone who looks for or creates conspiracy theories often works in the dark, using their own idea of light, looking to the underground for like minded cohorts yet still essentially a loner.

Food for thought for me today. I spend a lot of time thinking my own thoughts, which can consequently take dark turns and no one to say nay. I'm listening to the Gunslinger series this month, for the nth time. Roland's quest was fueled by rumor and guesses and instincts and adrenaline and for the most part no one to share it with. When he draws companions the sheer weight of his belief reels them in, but it is basically the Stockholm Syndrome. Food for thought, Mr. Waite. 


  1. My mind is not a neighborhood I should play in alone for long periods of time. I need people to bounce ideas off of so they can help me see if I'm being paranoid or practical.

  2. There are those that still believe the Earth is flat.


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