Thursday, July 11, 2019

Survival 101

Game of Thrones Tarot ~ Empress

My children can do no wrong.
Maybe this blind eye is the only thing that gets children out of childhood alive, else they'd drowned us all in the kiddie pool.

Children can be 'little angels'. Usually said while observing them asleep...but mostly childhood seems to be the practice field for pushing buttons. Fractious, unreasonable, untruthful, sly, mean spirited, rude; spend thirty minutes on any playground and we see all these things.

Somehow, usually, the guiding spirit of our Empress infiltrates the cracks in our developing brain and we also learn affection, sharing, honesty, consequences. And finesse. That inner dragon, survival 101 stays with us, the child's ability to invoke a scorched earth policy. Quietly. Smiling while we do it. So our moms don't notice and continue to think we can do no wrong. 

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  1. My description of our newest feline is "she's sweet when she's asleep." Awake, she's Hurricane Hattie. :D


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