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Saturday, July 6, 2019

Wild Ones

Green Wheel Oracle ~ Horse

Liberty. As I've let go of common mental structures and their strictures the freedom I've found has been remarkable. I'd wish it for everyone.

The down side? We have a shetland pony that lives next door to us. His owners say he was found on BLM land running with horses who'd been abandoned by their owners. Was it a kindness to capture and landlock him on his own? I don't think so. No one rides him or plays with him or grooms him. He hangs at the bottom of the field looking across at the only other horse up here. Horses are social creatures. Even Wild Ones.

I understand there is comfort in commonly held belief systems. But I'll take my singularity to the mind control offered as the alternative. 

1 comment:

  1. After running wild, I doubt he would ever consent to be ridden again. But it would be nice for him to have a companion who regularly spends time with him. :(
    I love the movement of wind in this card.


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