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Thursday, July 4, 2019

Wobbly Square

Green Wheel Oracle ~ Weavers Moon

Too beautiful to clutter with words but of course I will. When I was recovering from breast cancer I became obsessed enchanted by the moon. A mind distracter. I gave the thirteen moons my own names and journaled through their cycles, made half-gallon moon water each full moon, set out on the deck in the moonlight and ruminated...I'm better now, she said to the men in white.

With the bent eyes I now see the moon differently. In the day time it is no longer round but a wobbly square, at night a nimbus, but we're still the same, it and I, I've woven my path with the moon cycles and it gives me it's own guidance. Keep your course, pull your own weight, look to the light. 


  1. You've become tidal, pulled by the moon's force. :)

  2. The Full Moon is an enchantress. She was there guiding you along. Lovely


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