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Friday, August 9, 2019

Arise and Celebrate

Cathar Tarot ~ 3 of Cups/Love

Had to look up 12th century bedrooms...yes, entirely possible there were headboards, sheets, pillows. OK. Flummoxed by the T-stick. The Cathars were about restraint and moderation, so one cup on the three of cups, OK. What drew her from her cozy bed to run outside?

Setting aside the approaching Crusaders and a terrible death, Catharism was also embracing naturally occuring joy. The full moon? The first hooty hoot of a spring mourning dove? Breaking dawn leap to start the day? A horse approaching signaling a homecoming? Setting up for something they might celebrate like the holiday of Saint Mary Magdalene, July 15th? Who knows. I hope it was a wonderful day with love, peace, and laughter. 


  1. Maybe this?

  2. She is in a bit of a hurry. I too hope it was an the best of reasons to get out of bed.


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