Monday, August 5, 2019

Bloody Fodder

Cathar Tarot ~ 10 of Wands/Shields

The Crusades. Pope Innocent II started by proclaiming his god's salvation to those white men who went to hot lands and killed brown men. By Pope Innocent III the Crusades included France, Italy, and the Mediterranean, killing every Jew and Cathar they could lay their hands on. Cathars because they were moderate believers, and rejected Catholicism. Fools that they were.

I'm reminded by this card, dogma kills. A 10 of Wands burden we all carry because as frail short lived humans we seek out a structure that will tell us what to think and what to do. Because we are afraid to step out of the herd and say isn't love enough? It never is of course because there has to be a you and a me to make the fight to keep our tiny little minds busy while the powers at the top kill and kill and kill. 


  1. As one quote I read this morning stated, we can't hate enough to make people love us or kill enough to make us fearless.

    1. we can sure turn our heads the other way wasn't me "I" didn't do it.

  2. Mystification: fear is the hammer and when the people are finally beaten into the conviction that existence hangs by a frayed thread, they will be lead to where they need to go.

    Where those old self-serving politicians and war mongers decide to lead us.


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